do’s and dont’s of basic training

The most important time for you and your dog is when its young and enthusiastic to do anything and everything! Unfortunately this is the time where a lot of mistakes are made by both the dog and the owner (usually because of the cuteness of the puppy/young dog). while its young you need to build a bond, a trust in each other, a respect for each other and everything else will come allot easier. Start basic training lessons early in there life as a dog who is naughty or disobedient when its bigger, is so usually because he does not know how to be anything else. shouting at the dog will only make things worse as he doesn’t know what he’s done wrong.

Here are a few do’s and dont’s to help you get started.


Let you dog be a puppy and enjoy itself.

Teach it small simple basic commands like SIT, STAY, NO, COME.

Consistantly use the same command words.

Make sure the dog knows who is in charge.

Train in short spells first so dog doesn’t get bored.

Always praise dog for doing well or trying to do well.

End training with a play.

Keep your dog active physically and mentally.


Shout or physically punish your dog unless he has a clear understanding what hes done wrong.

Allow him to dominate you.

Allow them to get away with things because there cute.

Let them dictate when they want something like food or walking you are in charge.

Over train or expect too much of them early on it takes time.

Let them on your chairs, sofas, beds. this make them equal which may cause problems when there are fully grown.

Let them jump up.

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