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BASC Gamekeepers Fair 2015

We would like to thank all our new and old customers for visiting us this weekend at the show. unfortunately the weather was not great with rain on the first morning and seriously strong winds on the second day but we all stuck it and had a good weekend. Any who wants to be notified of up and coming events and offers please send us your email via our contact page. My 4 year old got fastest time in the long retrieve on the Saturday but was beaten on the Sunday by a very fast red lab bitch.

Our next show will be Dogs Unleashed on the 27th and 28th June 2015 held at Bakewell showground Derbyshire.



We are pleased to announce that we will be doing our first show of 2015 at this years BASC Gamekeepers Fair held at Catton Park on the 11th & 12th Aprill 2015. As well as our stand where you will find all our usual products plus lots of extra show offers at great prices, there will also be lots of other stands, family activities, displays, gundog trials, food and drink and so much more.

Please come and say hello to us even if you just fancy a chin wagg we will be happy to see you but make sure you bring a biscuit for our dogs!

See you there,

Mark and Becky

do’s and dont’s of basic training

The most important time for you and your dog is when its young and enthusiastic to do anything and everything! Unfortunately this is the time where a lot of mistakes are made by both the dog and the owner (usually because of the cuteness of the puppy/young dog). while its young you need to build a bond, a trust in each other, a respect for each other and everything else will come allot easier. Start basic training lessons early in there life as a dog who is naughty or disobedient when its bigger, is so usually because he does not know how to be anything else. shouting at the dog will only make things worse as he doesn’t know what he’s done wrong.

Here are a few do’s and dont’s to help you get started.


Let you dog be a puppy and enjoy itself.

Teach it small simple basic commands like SIT, STAY, NO, COME.

Consistantly use the same command words.

Make sure the dog knows who is in charge.

Train in short spells first so dog doesn’t get bored.

Always praise dog for doing well or trying to do well.

End training with a play.

Keep your dog active physically and mentally.


Shout or physically punish your dog unless he has a clear understanding what hes done wrong.

Allow him to dominate you.

Allow them to get away with things because there cute.

Let them dictate when they want something like food or walking you are in charge.

Over train or expect too much of them early on it takes time.

Let them on your chairs, sofas, beds. this make them equal which may cause problems when there are fully grown.

Let them jump up.

Ashover Show 2014

The Ashover Show 2014 was Gamekeepers Friend last show of the year due to shoot commitments with the dogs come September, however we certainly ended on a high!

The show went very well and we got to meet some of our lovely customers one of whom came to the show specifically to see us, so thankyou to you all. Our stock of Champion shirts along with acme whistles and lanyards went down really well, aswell as our new line of camo waterproof dog beds.

You can still purchase from us online or contact us for anything particular you are after and we will do our best to help.

Our next show with be the BASC Gamekeepers Fair in 2015 hope to see you there!


Mark & Becky


Dogs Unleashed show

Well what a fantastic show we had at this years Dogs Unleashed show held at Bakewell showground in Derbyshire. The weather managed to stay dry and the sun even made a welcome appearance from time to time. We met some lovely people who were interested in both working there dogs and looking for ideas and pointers for training there pet dog. The Acme training whistle was hugely popular and we hope they are helping you all with your training. This was the first show we stocked our recommended dog food Sneyd’s Wonderdog it was well received and im sure being enjoyed by some grateful dogs. Thanks to everyone for coming, we appreciate every sale and hope we can follow that up with repeat sales, great customer service and help and advice with any questions you may have.

Don’t forget to check out our blog for tips and ideas and also remember we offer a professional photography service to capture those shoot days and your dog playing or working.


the bushcraft show

Thankyou to all who came to this years Bushcraft show and came to visit our stand there. It was a very wet and muddy show so we really do appreciate the effort people made.

We trust you all like your purchases from us and hope you visit us here on our website or our Facebook Page for all the best products and upto date blogs on shooting, dog training, and events!

Many thanks

Mark & Becky

SEE US AT 2014

The Bushcraft Show

The next show you will find us at is the Bushcraft Show. This is an absolute amazing 3 day show that really does suit the outdoor enthusiast unlike any other show!

So please come and pay our stand a visit where we will be selling fantastic outdoor clothing, hip flasks, pet products and specialist gundog training accessories


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25-27 May 2014
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Bushcraft Show 2014


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More Expert Speakers, Activities, Demonstrations and Specialist Instruction classes are being added daily.

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Thanks to all who joined us at this years BASC show! We really enjoyed it and met some lovely people. Sales went well and hopefully you all love your products and enjoy using them. As it was our first time trading at this show we learnt allot and will be back next year with a fantastic stand with even more variety of products at great prices with friendly and informative staff to help you with your purchase. We had a lovely visit from the resident game cookery demonstrator, tv chef, writer and river cottage member Tim Maddams, thanks Tim.

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When training gun dogs or any breed of dog for that matter it is essential you master basic commands like the ‘sit and stay’ command. This will result in nothing but a better and happier life for both owner and dog. The sit is always useful in situations where you want the dog to be calm, steady, relaxed and to await your next command. The stay is very important and comes in whether the dog is a working dog or a pet dog, for instance for a working dog the stay will be used frequently in the field when the handler wants the dog to wait until he says its time to retrieve the bird or if the handler wants to retrieve the bird himself. For the pet dog stay will be useful when out for walks, picnics or even if you need to pop in a shop.

Here is an example how I teach my dogs to sit and stay. Start with the dog on a short slip lead and walking by your side at a nice relaxed controlled pace. When you are ready come to a stop, with the dog on the lead it too will stop. Making eye contact with the dog and in a firm (not angry) voice say the command ‘sit’ whilst at the same time raising your arm slightly and showing him the palm of your hand. once he sits praise your dog then start to walk on after a few more metres repeat the process. As your dog progresses you will be able to loosen the lead more and more until a lead is no longer needed.

For the stay command, walk as if your training to sit and have him on a lead. Walk a few meters get the dog to sit, let go of the lead and again in a firm voice say the command ‘stay’ also using you hand signal. Walk a few metres, stop and then walk back to him when you get there praise like mad! Each time you do this increase your distance and even walk in a large circle around him. Unless you have a wonder dog he will fidget or try to follow you when he does it is very important to take him back to the exact place you told him to stay and then repeat the command.

Just remember that when training little steps at a time and big praise when they do well even if its not perfect!




We are really pleased to welcome you to our new website. Gamekeepers Friend is in its early years of being a business which makes this all very exciting and we look forward to supplying and getting to you, our customers. Please get intouch with us via the contact us page for any requests, questions and advice.

We will be over the UK this year at leading game and country shows so feel free to come and say hello to us and introduce yourself. Our first show is at the BASC gamekeepers fair at Catton Park on the 12th April and you can find all the other shows we will be attending on the upcoming events page.